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Have you been hiding?


Do you know that you were meant to have more? Be more? Do more?


It’s time to take charge of your life: it’s time to move out of fear and anxiety, out of anger, shame and procrastination, out of overwhelm, overwork and undercompensation. 


 It’s time to answer your calling and redefine success on your terms. 2020 is looking for you! It’s time to Stay True, Get Paid and Do Good.


Are you ready to make the next move?

To give yourself the permission you need to succeed? 


Let’s Go!

Move the Crowd has helped thousands of people move from a place of waiting to a place of success beyond their wildest dreams. Whether you want to write, speak, teach, create, lead or launch, visionaries of every kind are invited to apply for the True.Paid.Good. Virtual Mastermind.


Join this intimate virtual group guided by renowned entrepreneurial soul coach, Rha Goddess. This intensive offering will give you every tool you need to define and achieve  success on your own terms. 


If you’re ready to move past the overwhelm of siloed, cookie cutter advice and into an awakened and bold state of customized alignment with your highest purpose, this course is for you.


Rha is ready for YOU! 


It is possible: you can create it: You have something unique that only you can bring: you owe it to yourself to find out what that is.


You deserve to be supported: Yes, you. You deserve to be held to a higher standard of self love and acceptance.


Your success is a function of alignment: between the truth of who you are, the power of what you bring, and the passion what you are here to ultimately affect in the world.



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"This class has been life changing! After years of floundering around trying to find a way to integrate my many talents and gifts into a commercially viable offering, I feel that I am at last on the road to clarity. Rha is an amazing teacher, and the supportive atmosphere at MTC is outstanding. Thank you."

Carolyn W.
Professor, Musician, Author, Intuitive Life Coach

What You Get In This Virtual Mastermind

A Robust Course Curriculum

For three months you will follow a curriculum that is full of power-packed information, exercises, and practices that will change your life. Real-world application happens right away with homework that connects your knowledge to your life. 


You will move through this course with a community of people from the Move the Crowd family. Make connections through private Facebook groups, live chats and virtual working sessions.

Bonus Content

Move the Crowd has bonus content for you! Interviews with innovative influencers, meaningful engagement in our Facebook lives and social media communities, our blog that features some of our beloved community members, guided meditations and more.

The Calling Integration

Rha’s brand-new book, The Calling, will add even more insight and inspiration to the course material. Pre-order her book and join the Insider’s Club to gain access to never-before-seen footage, tools, materials and testimonials from high-power influencers.

This is an opportunity to be held as a whole person - in a more holistic conversation about your life and your life’s work. To have access to specific tools that get you on the court quickly and yield tangible results in your life and in your business.


Curriculum Outline:

We will have a virtual working session once a month for three (3) months and each session we’ll delve into the themes of Staying True, Getting Paid, and Doing Good.

Month 1: TRUE.

Set a new radically authentic foundation for your life and work

  • Building the muscle of greater awareness and responsibility
  • Owning the next level of conscious creation & manifestation
  • Getting honest about who you are and who you want to be
  • Getting explicitly clear about where the gap is and doing the work to close it
  • Having structures, strategies, tasks, and practices that support your transformation

Month 2: PAID.

Monetize your passion through a compelling value proposition

  • Identifying your core offering i.e. you most compelling product/service
  • Getting crystal on the unique proposition or innovation and how to monetize it
  • Getting clear about your primary audience – who is ideal for what you have to offer
  • Getting clear about what differentiates you and makes you irresistible to your audience

Month 3: GOOD.

Cultivate a winning strategy to bring your message and mission to the world

  • Getting clear about your mission, message, and movement
  • Developing the strategy that raises your platform and increases your exposure
  • Creating relationships and infrastructure to engage on a higher level
  • Creating the mechanisms to measure your impact – people, planet, profit


True.Paid.Good. Virtual Masterclass Pricing 

1 Payment of $997


3 Payments of $359



Working Session Dates Cycle 4: 

All sessions are from 8-10pm EST

October 1st, November 2nd, and December 3rd

Bonus Working Session:

December 10th - Bonus Q&A with Rha



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About Rha

I have been dubbed THE entrepreneurial soul coach behind the breakthroughs for hundreds of changemakers, cultural visionaries and social entrepreneurs.

I am masterful at unleashing people in service to their most authentic selves and in honor of the highest contribution they are here to make.

From #1 NY Times Bestselling Authors, to celebrity activists and multi-million dollar social enterprises, my innovative, whole self approach has helped birth a whole new generation of purpose driven game changers.

From empowering women and girls in technology to supporting a new generation of leaders in aerospace – it has been my life’s work to help passionate and dedicated people just like you succeed.

Will you be next?

Have you decided that 2020 is going to be your year to play full out?

If you have that burning feeling that now is your time to really step up and step into your passion and your purpose, if you believe that you are ready to go big for you and all that you’re here to do in the world, if you are open and willing to be in a process that’s gonna challenge and encourage you to grow – then I want to invite you to join the inaugural class of the True.Paid.Good. Virtual Mastermind.

I look forward to learning more about you and exploring together if this opportunity is aligned for us to work together.

Big Hug,


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