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Are you ready to get clear about your pricing, understand what is blocking you from setting prices that will help you be sustainable in your business, and create an action plan for even more profitability?
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Pricing is Complex

  • Are you struggling with determining the price of your product or services? 
  • Are you struggling with how to stand in your value proposition and ask for what you are worth?
  • Are you struggling to create pricing that honors your time and expertise, because you’re constantly worried about making your work accessible?
  • Are you struggling with 40, 50, 60+ hour work weeks...and still not seeing the financial results you are looking for?

At each phase of our entrepreneurial journey, we have to assess the market and reassess our own cost/benefit ratios to determine the actual price for our products or services. However, when we enter into this process, our mindset issues around  money tend to pop back up.

As entrepreneurs, we also have to really get grounded in our value proposition, understand what the market will bear, clarify our vision for our companies, and calculate the cost of doing business.

This was true when you made your first $100,000, and it becomes even more relevant as you prepare to reach your next benchmark.

Drop the (Pricing) Drama

When you act today, you’ll receive a special, 3-session coaching package that will help you get clear about your pricing, fully understand what is blocking you from setting prices that will help you be sustainable in your business, and begin to create an action plan for profitability.

During our sessions together we will:

  1. Review pricing worksheet and needs assessment as the foundation for our customized sessions
  2. Explore the alignment between your ideal client and key offering 
  3. Document your sales conversation with potential clients and practice asking for your new price
  4. Develop an action plan for executing on your pricing and value proposition with confidence
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You’re In Good Hands

Move The Crowd’s coaching team brings over a CENTURY of combined expertise in the personal growth, entrepreneurial, and social impact spaces. We’ve helped launch hundreds of conscious entrepreneurs and organizational change agents, and have developed frameworks and systems to help them consistently achieve multiple 6 and 7+ figure success - all while doing work that is deeply impactful and fulfilling.

Meet Your Lead Pricing Coaches:

My name is Monika Moss-Gransbury, and I’m a best-selling author, 30+ year entrepreneur, and Senior Coach & Trainer for Move the Crowd. I am gifted at holding space for and supporting each of my clients as they tackle business strategy issues, pricing upgrades, and mindset shifts.

I deeply enjoy helping world changers break down proven strategies so that their goals become inevitable.

“Monika helped me work smarter...which resulted in better structures, less stress, more free time and a $100K revenue increase over the previous year.”
- Kristin Moses

I’m Stephanie Staidle, a Move the Crowd Coach & Facilitator. I’ve been working with leaders and entrepreneurs for over 12 years as a licensed art therapist and rapid results business coach. I am gifted at helping my clients find the courage and clarity they need to step into their greatness and combat overwhelm by breaking down goals into manageable, simple steps.

I’m passionate about empowering visionaries to pursue their purpose authentically while being profitable.

“The conversation [with Stephanie] really pushed me out of my comfort zone. I was getting quite comfortable with lacking clarity and now I am fully in the discomfort zone of being clear and bringing my vision to life!"
- Rachel

Next-Level, Profitable Pricing

Many of our coaching clients have overcome their challenges with pricing by working through our profitability formulas and fully understanding what it actually costs for them to produce the product or service that is their key offering.

Often our clients learn they’re not charging enough, and discover that by raising their pricing and packaging their products or services in new ways they can dramatically increase their revenue (and ultimately decrease their workload).

During our coaching sessions, we will walk you through the price setting process so that your financial needs are in an optimal formula to match your goals, and you’ll know exactly what it will take to be profitable, or to scale your profits to the next level.

We will also explore what’s getting in your way, and spend time packaging your products or services in ways that allow you to charge a premium with full confidence. In addition, we’ll deal with any mindset issues that are keeping you from speaking and setting your desired pricing.

These sessions are practical, reality based, hands-on working sessions that are customized for you and your business.

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This offer is perfect for the entrepreneur or business owner who:

  • Is struggling to move forward with premium pricing due to the high number of low priced offers and clients in circulation 
  • Need to shift their business offer so they can grow sustainably 
  • Is feeling blocked by fears from pricing out their market if they start charging a premium 
  • Want to be even more profitable but isn’t sure how to create that reality

And who is ready to put those pain points to rest and step into increased prices, a fuller sense of confidence, and the ease of pricing alignment.


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Get clear about your pricing, understand what is blocking you from setting prices that will help you be sustainable in your business, and create an action plan for even more profitability. Pay in full to book all 3 1:1 coaching sessions today.


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