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Badass FB Live Video

May 15, 2018

Wow! It’s so hard to believe that just two short years ago, Badass Creatives was a tiny idea. This initiative was launched in 2016 to support content creators in getting the inside scoop on how to produce, sell and distribute their work in a way that is profitable, for both their message and their bank account. Now, over 10 creative properties later, Badass is still helping the next generation of Influencers find their vision, ther voice and their movement in the TV, Film and Digital space. Travel back in time and watch this throwback conversation where Sr. Coach, Trainer and Badass Co-Creator, JLove Calderon talks with Move The Crowd, Founder & CEO Rha Goddess and breaks down the dos and don’ts of content creation. Amazing to see how much still applies! This season’s Badass Academy is sold out, but if you want to learn more, click on the link below. :)

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