Badass Sizzle

Apr 23, 2018

Badass Sr. Coach and Trainer JLove Calderon talks freedom, justice and transformation with a new generation of celebrity change agents. When we asked her about the experience, here’s what she had to say:

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I so feel blessed to be a part of such a powerful community of arti-vists who are using their skills, gifts and platforms to raise the vibration of JUSTICE for all people and the planet. I stand for Liberation. My vehicle is compelling storytelling centering brilliant messengers. Big up to all the folks in the reel who gave their energy on our sacred set…Michael K. Williams, Gbenga Akinnabe, Ella Turenne, Matt McGorry, Mab Segrest, Melina Abdullah, 11:55 Feature Film, Taylor K. Shaw & Black Women Animate, Namibia Donadio, 7TRiiiBES, and Kaila Mullady.

Til We Free!

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