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Live.Love.Lead. Mastermind

Feb. 22nd -26th, Sedona, AZ

Retreat Theme: 

Shining Bright and Standing Tall


In February, we’ll be coming together amidst the gorgeous red rocks of Sedona, AZ as we explore the theme of what it means to be SEEN in our full power and contribution as we re-emerge into this Brave New World.

This time, we’re going to go DEEP on your story, your platform, and your impact. Together we will explore what it means to allow yourself to be seen, known and transformed by the work you are being called to do in this world. We’ll also carve some space for deep check-ins around your current business model and revenue plan (as desired) and your 90 Day Action Plan.

Our time together will be a combination of sacred ritual, guided outdoor experience, content sessions and of course our signature MM segments on HOME and WORLD. 


Retreat Objectives: 

  • Gain full perspective around the wealth of possibility contained in this moment.
  • Get clear about what this moment means for each of us when we consider the role we seek to play in building a more just, harmonious and sustainable world - in its highest form.
  • To build the next level of authentic connection through - love, laughter, and vulnerability. 
  • To explore how we all might collaborate in ways that are absolutely game changing for us and for the larger industries and fields we seek to influence and impact.



As the demand for all of our work grows…

  • Where are the most powerful points of intersection and opportunity?  
  • What stands in the way for each of us when it comes to reaching for our full potential?
  • What is the thing that we are most afraid of but know we need to be doing right now?
  • What do we believe we need in order to be successful?  
  • How might we partner in a way that invites exponential impact in our lives, respective business and in the world?


In this sacred gathering we will be in communion with ourselves, our world and each other as we release, reclaim and envision what is next.



Winter hike in Massachusetts. L3 retreat Feb. 2020. 

Winter hIke in Massachusetts. L3 retreat Feb. 2020.

The Retreat Will Include:

 Inspiring conversational sessions with Rha & Special Invited Guests

 Our Signature Mastermind - Where YOU Get to Go Deep An Opportunity or Challenge

 Guided Group Experiences That Support Our Mental, Spiritual and Emotional Health 


 Rest and Alone Time to Reconnect With YOU




Promises Of The Retreat:

The Opportunity to Engage With Renowned Influencers Regarding New Permission 

The Opportunity to Be In Communion With Your People!:)

The Chance to Go Deep Around Our Shared Perspectives Of This Moment 

The Chance to Share & Hear More About What Others Are Doing (Opportunities/Challenges) 



Secure your spot, they are limited! Confirm your RSVP and 50% deposit by Wednesday, Dec. 1st. Your payment in full due date is December 30th. Cost is $6,000. This does not cover your lodging, personal ground transportation and roundtrip airfare to and from Sedona.



Sedona, AZ



Feb. 22nd - 26th ALL TIMES ARE MT.

Note: times are approx. as we are finalizing the agenda.


TUESDAY: 3:00 - 9:00pm Arrive and Welcome at retreat space. 


WEDNESDAY: Mastermind Day 1 -  8:00am - 6:30pm

Dinner on your own. 


THURSDAY: Mastermind Day 2 - 8:00am - 6:00pm


FRIDAY: 8:00am - 5:00pm 

Dinner 7:00 - 9:00pm 

Mastermind Presentation

Mastermind Presentation Guide:  

These mastermind sessions are going to be more extensive deep dives into your life and business to really unearth where the most pivotal opportunities for growth and transformation reside. Our time will be devoted to big visioning and ideation around something that represents the next level of GROWTH -either birthing something NEW or taking something you’ve just launched to the next level.

Please click here to review the Mastermind Presentation Guide.

L3 Mastermind Alum




Heather Box is a writer, activist, and trainer who works in partnership with change makers around the globe to support them to use their voice and tell their personal stories.



Vice President for Student Life/Dean of Students, Mount Holyoke College; Ed.D. in Social Justice Education, University of Massachusetts, Amherst; 10+ years at New York University in Spiritual Life/Multicultural Affairs.

Founder of Be.WELL

Diana is the founder of Be.WELL. Psychotherapy Group, the creator of the BeHER Circle, BeHER Teen Programs and the BeHER Circle Facilitator Training. Diana specializes in developing therapist’s clinical skills to their fullest potential. When working with patients she assists people to better understand themselves, allowing patients to then lead fuller and richer lives.

Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, Speaker, and Mother

As an entrepreneur, bestselling author, speaker, and mother, Kate Northrup has built a multimedia digital empire with her husband, Mike Watts, that reaches hundreds of thousands globally. They are committed to supporting ambitious women to light up the world without burning themselves out in the process. Kate teaches data-driven and soul-driven time and energy management practices that result in saving time, making more money, and experiencing less stress.


Entrepreneur, Investor, and Philanthropist

Eda Ozmen an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist on a mission to solve the growing mental health and wellbeing challenges facing the world. She is passionate about empowering individuals to enhance their mental states and overall quality of life. Motivated by her own experience of overcoming challenges and a deep understanding of the core issues faced by those struggling with anxiety and depression. 

Author, Mindfulness and Wellness Expert, and Founder of Beyond Mom

Randi Zinn is an author, mindfulness and wellness expert, and founder of Beyond Mom. Born from her own experience of motherhood, Beyond Mom is harnessing a movement of women who are taking back their right to self-love, self-care and community as a pathway to fulfillment. Randi encourages moms to cultivate a life “Beyond Mom”- one that embraces the gifts of motherhood but expresses all that they are as individuals. 

L3 Mastermind Guest Presenters:

As Founders of The Legacy Brand Creator & Vision In the Vineyards ™ Experience, Vito and Anna La Fata, have now built six, multiple 6 & 7-figure businesses since 2010. 
They have become the “brand whisperers” that will help people fulfill their passion & purpose, so it can live on, build generational wealth, family legacy and truly transformational experiences (while making sure you have fun, fine wine and enjoy the process)!

MTC Team:

Live.Love.Lead. CEO

Founder + CEO

Rha Goddess is the entrepreneurial soul coach behind hundreds of breakthrough changemakers, cultural visionaries and social entrepreneurs, from New York Times bestsellers to multi-million dollar social enterprises. As CEO of Move The Crowd, Rha is galvanizing a movement of three million entrepreneurs dedicated to re-imagining “work” as a vehicle for creative expression, financial freedom and societal transformation.

Live.Love.Lead. Program Manager

Live.Love.Lead. Retreat Director 

Marisol is passionate about organizational systems, program creation, and ensuring a stellar customer experience from start to finish. She is moved by social justice, human rights, and golf.


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Live. Love. Lead.

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