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Live.Love.Lead. VIP Day

A Virtual Retreat on True Ambition™

Freedom and Success Belong To You. 

Now is the time to seize it.

Stake your claim on the work you know you are meant to do in this world.

Join an incredible circle of visionaries, game changers and high achievers for an unforgettable virtual retreat devoted to your ambition.

So many incredible leaders and influencers come to me
because they are Struggling...


...trying to figure out how to turn their deep desire to make a difference into a financially profitable venture that positions them as a prominent expert and cherished resource in their industry or field.

Is this You?

  • You shine when you are in front of the room or the camera.
  • You know that the quality of what you provide is AMAZING
  • You have a clear and distinct vision for the contribution you want to make (or you are working on it)
True.Paid.Good. Mastermind Program Guidelines
True.Paid.Good. Mastermind


  • You’ve not been able to articulate your brand in a way that you believe truly distinguishes you
  • You have not been able to MONETIZE the work in a way that is sustainable and substantially profitable for you.
  • You have not been able to attract the people you really want to serve en mass
  • You’ve not been able to garner the kind of attention that will enable you to be RECOGNIZED as a leader in your industry and/or field.
  • You have a book, a course, a retreat, an initiative that absolutely needs to be out in the world in a MASSIVE way - but you’re not sure how to make it all happen.
  • You are looking to move the needle on a major issue but you’re not yet clear about how all of your efforts are going to COME TOGETHER to achieve your larger vision.

Let Me Unleash Your Full Potential

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Let me show you how to align your vision and efforts in a way that enables you to GROW

Stand fully embodied in your most authentic expression

Maximize your efforts and resources towards your greatest objectives

Genuinely have your work feel like play while you GET PAID


Welcome to the

Live.Love.Lead. VIP Day….


An interactive, customized virtual retreat on

True Ambition™ 

In this intimate virtual retreat, I take you deep into the four core areas of your life
and business that will unlock your greatest potential for success. 

Your Vision

What is your highest vision for success- in your life and in your life’s work? How does the articulation of that vision serve as a central driver for everything you do?

Your Brand

Who are you? How do you recognize and own your unique talents, mission and message in a way that actually moves people?

Your Profitability

How do you monetize and maximize the value of your greatest contribution? What are the most important factors you need to consider when you create a product or service?

Your Impact

What is the unique contribution that you are here to make in the world? How do you best leverage your talents and gifts to make that contribution in a way that moves the needle on what matters?

You’ll have the chance to give voice to your desired movement and examine the greatest opportunities and biggest roadblocks you face when it comes to making your vision a reality with greater ease, joy and velocity.

True.Paid.Good. Mastermind

This VIP Day Includes

  • An In Depth Roadmap Assessment To Identify Your Greatest Opportunities/Challenges
  • A Highly Interactive (6) Hour Working Session Drawn from Our Advanced Curriculum on True Ambition™
  • A Downloadable Workbook w/ Tools, Templates, and Examples To Support Your Learning 
  • A Copy of The Calling:The 3 Fundamental Shifts to Stay True, Get Paid and Do Good 
  • A Training Circle of Fellow Influencers Who Are Just As Passionate About Making A Difference


BONUS:  Our Renowned Digital Mini-Course Making Peace With Making Money

You’ll emerge from the day with:

A Draft Revenue Model

that will help you exponentially grow your money and impact. This model will be guided by your central value proposition, your defined primary audience and your greatest strategic talents, resources and strengths.

A 90 Day Action Plan

that represents the top 3 most important things you should be focused on. We’ll develop a customized strategy that enables you to be crystal clear about your most important next steps and how each step moves you closer to your greatest aspirations.

A Clear Vision

for how your unique voice, brand and mission needs to be owned and leveraged in your industry or field in order to achieve your desired profitability and impact.

If you’d like to take the next step towards seizing

this moment and realizing your greatest

aspirations then...

Claim Your Seat

Session Date:

December 10th

10-4pm PST/ 1-7pm EST

(Min. of 5 attendees required)

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2 Installments



* If you participate in our Hai Tea Salon, you'll get $500 off as you claim your seat for this intimate one day working session with Rha on Thursday, December 10th and pay in full.

Live.Love.Lead. VIP Day

"Move the Crowd has had a major impact on my life. Learning how to be my whole self, honor my values and manage my financial bottom line has been an invaluable gift!"
Anasa Troutman

Founder & CEO, Culture Shift Creative & Executive Director, Clayborn Temple

Live.Love.Lead. VIP Day

"Working with Rha has transformed me. It has helped me take my organization to the next level and helped me grow as a leader and change agent, which helps me and my team build this movement for gender parity."
Reshma Saujani

NY Times Bestselling Author and CEO & Founder, Girls Who Code

Live.Love.Lead. VIP Day

"Before working with Rha I actually thought that trying to find one's purpose was a waste of time. One year in, I'm so pleased to report I was so wrong. Articulating my purpose and aligning my business with it while Rha held space has resulted in me going from feeling like I was "playing business" to walking in my calling each and every day. This translated to increasing our company's profitability by 400% and knowing without a shadow of doubt that I'm doing the work I was put on the planet to do. I'm so grateful."
Kate Northrup

Bestselling author of Do Less and creator of the Origin Collective®

Live.Love.Lead. VIP Day

"Working with Rha helped me to give birth to a new me. I was struggling with my own development as a leader when I met her, and since our first retreat day I knew I was never going to be the same after the soul work we did together. When we started I was very confused on the path I wanted to take to uplevel my impact; now I can fearlessly call myself a leader and know that I'm gonna make a big change through my work, showing up whole to answer my calling and stepping into a new level of presence and awareness that already shows through my communication."
Giada Carta


True. Paid. Good.
Live. Love. Lead.

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