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If YOU had more, YOU could do more.
More activism. More art. More writing. More healing.
More of whatever your own Calling is. And the world needs that, now more than ever.

Ultimately, my journey into my own Calling brought me into the reality that I, Rha Goddess, get to BE more as well.

I STAY TRUE true to myself. I GET PAID the kind of money that allows me make a difference on the level I used to only dream of.
I DO GOOD. Every day, all over the world, my Calling allows me to do So. Much. Good.


And saying YES to my Calling empowered me to help others (like you!) say YES to yours as well.

Welcome From Rha

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The knowledge, wisdom and insights in this book come out of 30 years of being on the front lines of people’s hopes dreams and aspirations - these ideals and perspectives have met the challenges and opportunities of my own experience, and been transformed into a core set of principles and strategies that enable people to pursue their passion, purpose and profit.

In the book, we help you
overcome common struggles including:


In this book I help you - let go of that persistent need to always feel like you have to overcompensate - because of who you are, or where you come from, or because of what your family had or didn’t have - I teach you how to consciously create your own destiny, and to actually value, respect and appreciate all that you are, all that you’ve come from, what you’ve learned and been able to experience, and what you carry in terms of your innate and hard-earned wisdom. I help you develop a new sense of self-love, honor and reverence for your journey.

Making money/profiting from YOUR passion

In this book, I also teach you step by step how to make money and profit from your passion. This is the number one reason why most people don’t follow their hearts and answer their call. There is this deeply ingrained belief that we always have to trade our happiness, or the big paycheck, or give up all of our free time to pursue our passion and dream. In the new paradigm of success that is not the case. In my book, I show you how to hone what you have to offer in a way that will appeal to those you most want to reach, and enable you to not only make money but also make your most desired impact. .

Quieting your mind

In this book at the end of each chapter, I give you a set of practices that will enable you to SLOW DOWN and listen. To give voice to your higher wisdom, and to develop a new language that will transform all of the stress and anxiety that can come with taking on these challenges and making these much-needed changes in your life. I know that stress and anxiety don’t only come from things falling apart, so many of us are navigating the stress associated with winning and having those things that we’ve asked for and prayed for come to fruition. I like to call this the crisis of abundance.

Fear/self doubt

In this book I show you how to confront and obliterate any form of fear and self doubt. I mean we get down to the root of these conversations, and I take you through a process that enables you to identify and release those fears once and for all.

The Stress of Success

In this book, we go there! I don’t just talk about how to cope with your current success, but I invite you into a process that actually enables you to release the grip of perfectionism and redefine success on your terms, and then determine how you’ll achieve it.

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"I was trapped between the social change I wanted to see in the world and the business rules everyone said were important when Rha asked me, very simply, “What matters?” Rha’s question was the catalyst that I needed to hear my own voice and recast my vision. The Calling is the book you need if you want to change your mind, get inspired and be reminded of what really matters."

Jessica Norwood
Founder and executive producer, The Runway Project and Runway Live

"Rha Goddess guided me at the most crucial part of my career. Her coaching set the stage for me to become the teacher, author, and woman I am today. Rha is my mentor, my sister, and my dear friend. I recommend The Calling and Rha's work to anyone who is ready to go big and amplify every corner of their life.
This book is both grounding and inspiring. It’s exactly the book we need right now, in a time of massive societal change. You’ll discover how to stay rooted amid the upheaval, how to see challenges as beautiful opportunities, and how to live an abundant and authentic life while doing what matters most to you. Rha’s True. Paid. Good. method will help you uncover and truly claim your calling, no matter where you are in your professional life or on your path to personal growth."

Gabby Bernstein
#1 NY Times Bestselling Author and Spiritual Teacher

"Move the Crowd has had a major impact on my life. Learning how to be my whole self, honor my values and manage my financial bottom line has been an invaluable gift!"

Anasa Troutman
Founder & CEO, Culture Shift Creative & Executive Director, Clayborn Temple

"Working with Rha has transformed me. It has helped me take my organization to the next level and helped me grow as a leader and change agent, which helps me and my team build this movement for gender parity"

Reshma Saujani
NY Times Bestselling Author and CEO & Founder, Girls Who Code

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How can you use The Calling to help you achieve the next level of your work and contribution during these unprecedented times? Watch this interview clip with Blackbird House where I speak to the moment that we are in and how The Calling can support you.

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“Cultivate a new definition for success, one that includes more money, more joy and less struggle”

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I created this book because I didn’t see it in the marketplace. And I knew that you needed more than just platitudes and sound bites. You needed clear, step by step guidance and real life stories and examples that would enable you to take the journey.

That is why I would like to offer you The Calling Membership.

In the Calling Membership, we give you the full monty, we mean the total blueprint for how to pursue your passion and your purpose in a way that is financially profitable and deeply impactful for you and for those you want to reach. 

By getting the Calling Membership, you can have a free copy of the book.

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We are in a moment where we are waking up to the possibility that we can have more, do more and BE more.

"Rha is the truth! Her life's work is an invitation for all of us to heal our relationship with capitalism while staying true to our purpose, getting paid, and doing good in the world. Her wisdom is a required reading for all entrepreneurs, change agents, and activators so they can use their efforts, time, and skill to bring about change within the self and all beings everywhere."

Anurag Gupta
Founder & CEO, Be More with Anu

"Each of us has something amazing to offer the world that no one else can. The Calling, doesn’t just remind us that we have a mission in this life, it actually shows us how to achieve it."

Lisa Nichols
NY Times Bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker, and Founder of Motivating The Masses

"Rha Goddess transformed my relationship with money. She helped me to see there could be another way to honor my family and community that didn’t have to manifest as a shared struggle. Today I am living my calling as a performer, kink educator for social change, and author. Rha gave me a socially conscious entrepreneurial soul family that has been by my side ever since! I highly recommend reading The Calling!"

Z Griss
Founder of Embody More Love

Answering the call isn’t just about achieving a new level of happiness and fulfillment.

That’s definitely part of it - but it’s also about experiencing a new level of freedom.

It’s about the thrill of contributing to the kind of world you want to see - for yourself and those you love.

And we only get that world - when you step up and answer.


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