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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Can you give an overview of what the coursework entails?

The TPG Virtual Mastermind is a 3 month online group coaching program that is designed to help you get clear about your purpose, focus on ONE product or service to get you on the court with your calling.

In between your monthly training sessions, you have homework assignments and a private facebook group where you can engage with the other participants in the course to encourage and motivate you as you move through this work. 

What You Get: 

A 3 month Virtual Coaching Program 

  • 4 - 2 hour Working Sessions,  Power Packed Teaching w/ Hot Seats and Q&A
  • Access to Digital Course: Your Plan For Success 
  • The Book: The Calling - 3 Fundamental Shifts To Stay True, Get Paid, and Do Good
  • Monthly homework assignments to help you go deeper on what you learn in each session.
  • Cultivating A Community Among Like Minded People
  • Access to Bonus Content That Strengthens What You Are Already Learning

2. Do I need to have to read the book already?

    • No.  As a matter of fact, you get a copy of the book included with your course.  You will have assigned chapters as part of your homework but there is nothing you need to read before you sign up. 

3. About how many hours will this take I'm not sure I can fit it into my schedule

    • The working session are 2 hours/month.
    • The Your Plan for Success digital course (included in your program) takes about 3 hours to complete. It’s 5 module course and each module is about 30-45 mins work. This includes the videos which averages about 10 mins for each module. 
    • Homework takes about 2-3 hours to complete. However, you will be working inside of your business, project, product or initiative so this will be more about applying what you are learning to what you would already be doing - this is not about extra work - it’s about supporting the relevant work you are already doing to support your product, initiative and/or business.

4. When we’re done are we expected to launch our business immediately?

    • No - the goals you set through the program are totally up to you. 
    • You’ll use this course to get on the path - but that does not mean you have to launch something.
    • You will be supported around whatever you choose to focus on as it relates to your life and your purpose.
    • You will be given some guidelines on where you should focus based upon what you believe is most important. 

5. What’s the difference between the work in the program and the exercises in the book?

    • They are complementary.  You’ll get some assignments from the book but they will be used to reinforce what is taught in the working sessions. There will definitely be some things that are not in the book. 
    • The program is designed to go deeper into each of the Stay True, Get Paid, and Do Good areas - to help you apply what you learn.
    • You’ll also be doing this work in community with others - which is a very different experience than  doing this alone. We find that people actually apply the work more successfully when they have a structure and community in place.
    • Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to have your questions answered and to  participate in hot seats - which does not come with your book:)

 6. What if I am in corporate and not looking to leave or start my own business? How can this program help me? Or can it? 

    • Absolutely - no matter what the context is- you have a purpose AND you are in business! 
    • If you work in corporate you can use this program to get clear about your definition for success and apply it to any industry you are in. You'd get clear about whether or not you are leveraging your full value when it comes to your compensation. For example, are there other opportunities that are more aligned with your passion and gifts that you should be going for?  When it comes to your current role, could you be leaving money on the table? What are the most conducive conditions to you being able to thrive? These are just some of the questions we’ll be exploring in the work. 
    • You’d also get clear about how your job aligns with your purpose and cultivate a winning strategy that supports the difference you want to make in the company and in the world.

 7. What if I cannot attend all the sessions? 

    • We strongly encourage you to be present for at least 3 out of the 4 sessions.  We do record the sessions but, the most powerful breakthroughs happen when you are able to engage with other members in the group. 

 8. What if I cannot attend any sessions but participate by watching the replays and submit the homework? Would this program be right for me?  

    • We believe one of the most powerful aspects of this program is being in community while you are doing the work. In addition to the power of the curriculum itself - this is where the greatest breakthroughs and insights come from. 
    • If you really can’t make ANY of the training sessions, we have other self guided digital products that we would recommend.


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"This class has been life changing! After years of floundering around trying to find a way to integrate my many talents and gifts into a commercially viable offering, I feel that I am at last on the road to clarity. Rha is an amazing teacher, and the supportive atmosphere at MTC is outstanding. Thank you."

Carolyn W.
Professor, Musician, Author, Intuitive Life Coach

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