White Awakening:

Why Allyship Is Not Enough

As the state of our world becomes even more chaotic and complex, and as our global marketplace becomes even more diverse and more informed, more people are waking up to the challenges we face as a global society around race and their own desire to be a part of the solution.


Whether it’s confronting the fear of saying the wrong thing or acknowledging the intense range of emotions around recent incidents, many are realizing that aligning with the term “Ally” and posting on social media may not be enough.


  • Do you aspire to feel a greater sense of confidence and clarity around these issues? 
  • Do you seek to grow your capacity to be in courageous conversations with those you admire and respect and those whose values and views differ? 
  • Do you desire to be recognized as a true influencer who is moving the needle towards a more just and sustainable world?

In this online webinar, you'll:

  • Gain a better understanding of the current state of race relations and the 3  most common challenges many White people face as they awaken.   
  • Explore where you are on the spectrum of awakening in relation to race, white privilege, and racial justice and equity work. 
  •  Examine a new context for understanding what “the work” of racial justice and equity really is and why saying you’re an ally is not enough.  
  • Learn how to make empowered and informed decisions about your own next steps toward a vision for your life and leadership that is more purposeful and inclusive.

Join entrepreneurial soul coach, Rha Goddess, and race-relations activist, Corey Kupfer, for a digital masterclass designed to educate and engage White identified leaders who are passionate about a world where all of us can thrive.

What is White Awakening?

As more people awaken, they are asking, “What can I do?” and looking for trusted resources that have the capacity and skill to guide them as individuals, teams, movements, and organizations into their highest potential. 

White Awakening is a leadership growth curriculum designed to support entrepreneurs, organizational leaders and change agents who feel called to a greater purpose in life, and who recognize that to achieve their full potential, they must courageously face the challenge of race in our society.

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